Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reservoir Modelling was a total fiasco

Truthfully, I regret worrying so much about Reservoir Modelling.
In the end, it was a dissapointment.
Should study harder.
But there's no use crying over spilt milk.

Well now I'm enjoying myself without any big tests or assignments.
On monday, I'll have a presentation.
I'll believe I'll be okay.

Going back home tomorrow.
Looking forward watching the last part of The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House.
Really nice movie - Recommended!

Monday, October 26, 2009

ITM and Ice Cream

Today is not that busy except for ITM test.
The test starts in the evening and luckily there was no classes in the morning.
Manage to do a little bit of studying.
Dont think the test is hard.
It's not that easy either.
I would so It's okay.

Tomorrow gotta submit the FacE take home test.
The questions are kinda tough.
Not that direct.

Currently dying for a cup of icecream.
Ice creams from Azabu Sabo are really nice.
Too bad there's no Azabu Sabo in Malaysia ~ not yet as far as I concern
Well at least there's Baskin Robbin and Haagen Dazs.
Too bad, can't get it right now.

Look like I have to satisfy with a cup of milk tea.
No choice.

FacE stands for Facilities Engineering for anyone of you who dont know.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Like Yesterday

Today's just like yesterday albeit worse.
Done nothing much.
Woke up even later than yesterday.
This semester looks like heading in the wrong way.

Is there anything that can motivates me forward.
Honestly, I've never hit top form since Jan 2008 Semester.
During that semester, I was determine to get into PE so I studied hard and get 3.70.
Not bad isn't.

The only thing I can do right is, ermm I not so sure.
Things has been bad to worse.
Hopefully can muster enough courage especially the next 4 challenging days.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wasted Saturday

Woke up at 1.30p.m.
No morning session for studying.
Too bad for me.
Only started studying a little bit around 5.00pm

During the night, dont have the mood to study.
I personally prefer studying in the morning.
Hopefully I'll wake up early tomorrow.

Gonna finish some assignments tomorrow.
Hopefully manage to read all the chapters for ITM by Monday.
If not Monday will be etremely busy.

BTW, ITM stands for Introduction to Management.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Day Without Reservoir Modelling

Today is Friday.
Of all weekdays in collage, Friday is the most relaxing time in terms of lecture schedule.
Why? ~ There is only one class which is Reservoir Modelling.
What's so interesting is actually, the Friday class is always cancelled due to unknown reasons.
Well, I dont mind actually.
After all, I dont really understand a thing during lecture.

This weekend I'll be busy with assignments, a take home test, preperation for presentations and tests.
I think I will be okay.
Hopefully everythings fine.

By the way, the computer is still making problems
It looks like I wont be shutting off the computer for the next 30 days perhaps

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Stressful Day

My computer was the source of stress, not the homework.
For some reason I just can log in to the admin of the computer.
Sucks isn't it?

Hopefully everything will be okay.
Computer please get well soon.

Since the computer is "not so well", I think its best not to shut down the computer for the time being.

Thank God, I manage to open one of my standard user, if not I cant use my computer.
It looks like I should send it to the service center, but I need the computer so badly.

Hopefully the computer can last for another month, if not it will be a disaster.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doesn't Feel Like a Holiday

Today is a holiday due to edx.

But too bad doesn't feel like one.

The first thing that i think when i woke up was my FacE project report.

Manage to complete it on time (I think so...)

Hopefully there no more to edit (Please leader, dont ask me to edit it - I'm tired of it)

Now I should move on to the next assignments and prepare myself for the test.

I've got a few task for every subject, and time will be extremely precious especially the next 7 days.